Treaty of Greada

  • In 1953 Astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward Earth.
  • It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be spaceships. 
  • When the objects reached the Earth they took up a very high orbit around the Equator. There were several huge ships and their actual intent was unknown.
  • Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communications using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact with alien beings from another planet. 
  • Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens.
  • Former President Dwight Eisenhower decided to go on a ‘vacation’ to Palm Springs, California.
  • He was allegedly taken to Edwards Air force base for a secret meeting.
  • The “vacation for the President” was announced rather suddenly and came less than a week after his ‘quail shooting’ vacation in Georgia. The vacation was suppose to last one week, Feb 17-24, 1954.
  • On Saturday night of February 20, 1954, former President Eisenhower went missing. Rumors spread that he had taken ill or even died. In a hastily convened press conference, Eisenhower’s Press Secretary announced that Eisenhower had lost a tooth cap while eating fried chicken and had to be rushed to a local dentist. 
  • A local dentist was introduced at an official function on Sunday February 21, as “the dentist who had treated the president”. William Moore’s investigation of the incident concluded that the dentist’s visit was being used as a cover story for Eisenhower’s true whereabouts.
  • In the meantime, a race of human looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government.
  • The meeting was not successful, and the extraterrestrials were spurned due to their refusal to enter into technology exchanges and insistence on nuclear disarmament by the US and presumably other major world powers.
  • This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology, citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed.
  • The first of these meetings – the actual ‘First Contact’ event – did not lead to an agreement and the aliens were effectively spurned.
  • The second of these meetings did lead to an agreement and this has apparently become the basis of subsequent secret interactions with extraterrestrial races involved in the Greada Treaty that was signed.
  • Eisenhower signed the treaty on February 21, 1954 with the Greys.
  • One of these meetings definitely occurred with Eisenhower’s February 1954 visit to Edward Air Force Base.
  • When he showed up the next morning at a church service in Los Angeles, reporters were told that he had to have emergency dental treatment the previous evening and had visited a local dentist. The dentist later appeared at a function that evening and presented as the ‘dentist’ who had treated Eisenhower.
  • The federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities.
  • A deal was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the Greys. The US would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and as long as we would be periodically given a list of those persons abducted.
  • We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a millionfold than what we had naively agreed to.
  • The Greys had broken the Greada Treaty and could not be trusted.
  • The uncertainty over the motivations and behavior of the Greys appears to have played a large role in the government decision not to disclose alien presence and the Greada Treaty Eisenhower signed with them.
  • The following passage from an ‘alleged official document’ leaked to UFO researchers describes the official secrecy policy adopted in April 1954, two months after Eisenhower had ‘First Contact’ with aliens who were spurned by the Eisenhower administration:
    • “Any encounter with entities known to be of extra-terrestrial origin is to be considered a matter of national security and therefore classified TOP SECRET. Under no circumstances is the general public or the public press to learn of the existence of these entities. The official government policy is that such creatures do not exist, and that no agency of the federal government is now engaged in any study of ET’s or their artifacts. Any deviation from this stated policy is absolutely forbidden.”

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